First and foremost, thank you so much for purchasing a Strolee Product! Here you can learn about all things Strolee Carts including our FAQ and instructions. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at We typically return emails in 24-48 hours.


Are the rear wheels interchangable?

Simply by pressing the metal tab behind the wheel

Which back wheels are best for sand and uneven surfaces?

The larger/wider wheels that come standard with the Beach and Field cart

How do I replace the back wheels on my Strolee?

Simply by pressing the metal tab behind the wheel

What is the correct way to fold my Strolee?

By pulling up on the tabs on both sides of the cart at the same time. They are located about one third of the way down from the handle

What accessories are recommended for beach use?

We have many great options including a backpack, rain cover and wet dry bag!

Will it fit easily in my car trunk?

Yes! The fold is very compact

Can it fit easily through door frames with the cup holders attached?

Yes. the Strolee cart fits into standard doorways.

How do I attach beach chairs to my Strolee cart? How many can it hold at one time?

Standard beach chairs will simply slide over the extended front bar of the mesh basket. Tube style folding chairs attach on both/either side of the cart.

Does the Strolee cart stand upright when folded?


How do I lock the front and back wheels on my Strolee cart?

Slide the front tab at the top of the front wheel.

On what terrain is it best to lock the front wheels?

Any rough or rocky surface

How much does Strolee weigh when folded?


Can I travel with Strolee as a carry-on?

No, a backpack custom made for the cart can be purchased and used to carry the cart like a back pack and/or check it as luggage

Are the side pouches large enough to hold my iPhone?

Yes, currently we have tested it with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and it fit perfect even with a case.

How do I assemble my Strolee cart? What tools do I need?

Everything snaps together – no tools EVER needed.

Is the bottom basket safe for my child to sit in?

Never place a child on or in any part of the cart.

How do I push Strolee on sand and other uneven surfaces?

In hard packed sand or grass simply push it – in heavy sand turn the cart around and pull it

What is the frame made of? Will it rust if it gets wet?

Aluminum and will not rust

How do I clean my Strolee cart?

Simply wipe with soap and water

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